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It has been criticised for lacking more biting criticism of the US government, but I think people who are saying that are missing the point. It does have a fair bit to say about how stupid the US Military can be and how they like to blow money on obviously pointless ventures, but there is a whole other side to it. I thought that the film was more about the human spirit and how that if you want to make a difference and want to do something you've got to really go for it no matter how stupid the aim. Obviously the idea of trying to be a psychic spy is unattainable and may sound ludicrous, but so may be the notion of trying to create world peace and help bring different people together over a united cause. The film was more about how these drifters and lost souls managed to find something that they found worthy of pursuing and really devoted themselves to it, and I think this message is more admirable than any side-criticism of the USA.

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But there is one ruleā€¦

Example: "The fuckin' aux drain pump is fuckin' broke-dick. It is still used for removing corrosion from brass fittings.

Military man looking for some afternoon fun

Sometimes used to connect CIC to Engineering. Cold Shot, Cold Cat: A catapult launch from a carrier in which insufficient speed is attained to generate lift. Mandatory physical training regimen deed to return sailors to within physical readiness standards. som

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Once it reaches a high enough speed, the rod is turned so that the steam blows the object completely off the rod and likely at another sailor, who then has to dodge the "danger nut. Often done in boot camp. Chit Chipper: Paper Shredder.

Some of the most entertaining offerings are the propaganda commercials it frequently airs since regular advertising is not permitted. Bullet Sponge: U. Chancre Mechanic: Corpsman.

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Also said as "poking the poodle" or "screwin' the pooch. Cadillac: A mop bucket, usually with wheels and a wringer. That's also a boondoggle. Brig: Jail.

Remarks by president trump, vice president pence, and members of the coronavirus task force in press briefing

Burn verb : To smoke a cigarette. In general, the CO makes policy, the XO enforces it, hence the name. See Broke Dick.

Not used to describe a SeaBee. These seals also keep all flatulence inside the suit, where it remains hot and aftenroon with ball sweat, pitstink, and various other foulness. Land AS Bubblehead: A sailor in the Submarine service. Fashion Show: A series of individual personnel inspections conducted in each uniform the sailor owns.

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Bravo Bozo: Derisive term that is the opposite of Bravo Zulu. Used especially of a sailor who does not have a warfare pin. Corpsman Candy: Sore-throat lozenges handed out at sick bay in lieu of any substantive treatment. When she afternon get underway she was typically towed back in, whereupon she was referred to as "USS Broke".

Cumshaw: The art of trading something that doesn't belong to you, to someone, for something that doesn't belong to them, not necessarily for personal gain, but to circumvent regular supply channels, or to obtain something not available through supply channels. Aviation Ordnancemen are expected to have a broad knowledge base of the rate and and be able to perform any duties of the rate. So named because they are so thick and hideous that one is guaranteed never to have sex while one is wearing them.

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The term has always been discouraged, despite its frequent use. A hot dog or sausage. Dammit: Proper way to read an exclamation point quietly.

Military man looking for some afternoon fun

Chicken-catch-me-fuck-me: Chicken Cacciatore. Bremerton: How much Mi,itary Bremerloe weighs. Dining-ins are for the service-members only. Often performed with a white glove and a black sock. Militar sock: A sock, sacrificed early in a deployment, which one uses to clean up after one masturbates. If the roll call or the skit fails to amuse the rest of the airwing, the offending squadron is booed and belittled mercilessly.

Usually caused by a poor approach or a hook bounce on the deck, this embarrassing event le to a go-around and another attempt to "board. Much easier than the dreaded "helo dunker. Balls to Two: A short watch stood from The Sub equivalent to the Four by Eight watch mentioned above.

Field Survey: The nominal survey taken before discarding a worn-out item "in the field" often off the end of the pier instead of submitting it for a proper, formal "survey" to determine if it should be redistributed or disposed of. V1 Division: Aircraft Handlers on the flight deck. Coner pronounced "Cone-er" Submarine Service : A submarine crewman who is oloking part of the engineering department see "Nuke"especially a Torpedoman, because such crewmen are stationed in the forward cone of the Sub and are pretty much prohibited from wandering into the rear engineering spaces.

Collisions occasionally resulted. Butt Kit: Ash tray.

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Dolphins Submarine Service : Submarine Qualification Device, called dolphins because of the dolphin fish used in the de. Officially no longer named the 43P-1, the fleet continues to name and refer to their work center maintenance manual as the 43P Also refers to sailors who are enrolled in the program Cock-ologist: Corpsman derived from a s Coca Cola commercial having a Coke-ologist. Can be outdated classic rock that was never really popular in the first place, or cool music, depending on the ship's commanding officer.

Boat: Boats list lean to the inside of a turnShips heel lean to the outside of a turn. Things can also be repaired and gotten into proper working order and then referred to as "checks five-oh.

It may be fixed, as in those mounted on the bow of a ship below the waterline, or mobile like those "dipped" by anti-submarine helocopters. Buster: Proceed at max possible speed.