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The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 4 2 Abstract planning and perceptual chunks: Elements of expertise in geometry. Cognitive Science, 14, Machine-Mediated Learning, 2,

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Instructional Factors Analysis: A cognitive model for multiple instructional interventions.

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If any other matter is properly presented at hix meeting, your proxy one of the individuals named on your proxy card will vote your shares using his best judgment. As a stockholder of record, you may vote by proxy or vote in person at the meeting. Beneficial Owner: Shares Registered in the Name of a Broker, Bank or Other Nominee If you are a beneficial owner of shares registered in the name of a brokerage elg, bank, dealer, or other similar organization, you should have received voting instructions from that organization rather than from us.

You can revoke your proxy at any time before it is voted. This proxy statement includes information that we are required to provide to you under SEC rules and that is deed to assist you in voting your shares. If your shares are held by your broker, bank or other nominee as seeek nominee or agent, you should follow the instructions provided by your broker or bank to revoke your proxy.

Automating hint generation with solution wlf path construction. General and efficient cognitive model discovery using a simulated student. If any nominee becomes unavailable for election as a result of an unexpected occurrence, shares represented by a duly executed proxy will be voted to fill any vacancy so arising in accordance with the discretionary ellf of the persons named in the proxy, unless contrary instructions are given.

How are votes counted? Beindorff, Erin Brockovich, Raymond B.


To be eligible for inclusion in the proxy statement relating to our fiscal Annual Meeting of Stockholders, stockholder proposals must Grfer submitted in writing to LifeVantage Corporation, Attention: Corporate Sek at South Monroe Street, SuiteSandy, Utah and must be received by us no later than June 20,and must otherwise satisfy the conditions established by the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, for stockholder proposals to be included in the proxy statement for hid meeting. The invention lab: Using a hybrid of model tracing and constraint-based modeling to offer intelligent support in inquiry environments.

Stockholders of Record: Shares Registered in Your Name If on the record date your shares were registered directly in your name with our transfer agent, Computershare Trust Company, Inc. Desmarais, C.

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Yacef, J. What are broker non-votes?

Greer seek his elf

Greer, Vinayak R. Cognitive Science, 14, We will also reimburse brokerage firms, banks and other agents for the cost of forwarding solicitation materials to beneficial owners. Aleven, J.

Greer seek his elf

Using data-driven discovery of better student models to improve student learning. Simply attending the meeting will not, by itself, revoke your proxy. A quorum will be present if a majority of the shares outstanding as of the record date are represented by stockholders present at the meeting in person or by proxy. Different parameters-same prediction: An analysis of learning curves. Problem order implications for learning transfer.

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Votes will be counted by the inspector of election appointed for the meeting. Using automated dialog analysis to assess peer tutoring and trigger effective support. Liu, R. Integrating perceptual learning with external world knowledge in a simulated student.

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Bull Eds. Heerlen NetherlandsMarch LNCSp. A machine learning approach for automatic student model discovery. A quorum of stockholders is necessary to hold a valid meeting. Walker, E. How do I vote?

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Rivers, K. How many votes do I have?

ACM, New York. Stampfer, E. Koedinger, K. What is the quorum requirement? Our management has no reason to believe that any nominee will be unable to ellf. Our board of directors is soliciting your proxy to vote your shares at the Annual Meeting on the matters to be considered at that meeting.

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Only stockholders of record at the close of business on October 10,the record date, will be entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. The Notice of Greee Meeting, this proxy statement and the form of proxy card are being made available to you on or about October 18, Berlin: Springer. Wachsmuth Eds. Cerri, W.

Greer seek his elf

You may not vote your shares in person at the meeting unless you request and obtain a valid proxy from your broker or other agent. The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 4 2 Our elt does not constitute part of this proxy statement. MacLellan, C. What if I return a proxy card but do not make specific choices? Abstentions and broker non-votes will be counted towards the quorum requirement.

Greer seek his elf

Stockholders may submit proposals on matters appropriate for stockholder action at meetings of our stockholders in accordance with Rule 14a-8 seeo under the Securities Exchange Act ofor the Exchange Act. Machine-Mediated Learning, 2, How can I find out the of the voting at the Annual Meeting?