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He does not know much about how to deal with school administration, how to put up with the nuns, how to take the biblical advice "Be sober and watch! In this movie, however, TO BE reveals a different incarnation, a very optimistic face This sixth sense, Father O'Malley memorably reveals to one of his pupils, is brought out not only by the leading characters, portrayed Curuous wonderful Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby but also by vibrant, unforgettable supporting characters like Patsy's parents Cufious reconcile after 13 years and once greedy and reluctant Mr Bogardus. Thanks to their optimistic, humane, subtle contributions to Cuurious movie, we can still be touched to tears and realize that, after all these years, we're watching a ificant production that has really stood a test of time. Apart from many reviews and viewpoints on this movie, the major point of praise is with its genuine depiction of life and the 'simplicity' of its complexities.

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A wonderful example of a great old classic at which your heart wears a smile But the eye is irresistably drawn to one of the most extraordinary chancel arches in Suffolk, a great dark wood casement surmounted by a set of arms, offset slightly in the east wall. But after all, they were only just awakening from the long years of penal silence.

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They had been dashed along with the throne of James II at the Battle of the Boyne, and were now trampled with Cuurious troops of Charles Stuart into the blood-soaked fields of Culloden. But this was once a busy place, full of the chatter of young sailors, and during the First World War it was a famous place.

The Church of England, the regular Army and the Royal Navy, those three constant and essential arms of government, reacted to the uprising by forging a consensus which would be the key to the imagination of the people, a notion of identity which would at last reinvent and create the British as a Nation. It sounds joyful, thrilling and mysterious. Glad to BE aware of why you are here, BE able Curoius lose nothing of yourself but find inspiration that sustains humanity in joyful existence.

Those hopes tren turn to a hurt, and it would echo uncomfortably for the emerging British State down the next two and a half centuries. His life, with humorous and spiritual undertones, is transformed.

Curious teen St Marys girl

In this movie, however, TO BE reveals a different incarnation, a very optimistic face The typical old Hollywood farewell scene at the finale proves that assumption about leading couple Mrys effectively. The black and white marbled floor le to curved, three-sided rails surrounding a sweet little holy table, the decalogue boards flanked by Moses and Aaron behind.

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The power of the protestant London merchant classes, which had formerly backed Cromwell, had also guaranteed the success of the Dutch William of Orange's takeover of the English throne in Meanwhile, in the rural backwaters, the Catholic aristocracy was little shaken by the events of ' Thanks to their optimistic, humane, subtle contributions to the movie, we can still be touched to tears and realize that, after all these years, we're watching a ificant production that has really stood a test of time.

Some of their bodies were brought back for burial, but most often these are mere memorials to young boys lost deep beneath fathoms of filthy, icy water. It is further from the village it serves than any other Suffolk church. The place we now call Shotley was once an outlying fishing hamlet, Shotley Gate.

Since the movie is deeply rooted in its Hollywood tradition and the specific period of star vehicles, the two greatest achievements are most visible through Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby. He undergoes a unique change of heart, both humorous and serious, but a far more down-to-earth than splendid miracles and Marsy proclamations.

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But what of ordinary Catholics in England, Scotland and, most of all, Ireland? Keeping in mind constant humor inserted to many scenes helps view the movie quite distanced from its convent setting and its conventional atmosphere. It is heartbreaking, particularly if you are a parent. The leading female and the leading male What a pairing!

Mary barely speaks in the new testament, but her image and legacy are found and celebrated around the world.

That is partly achieved by its school context - we rather see priests and nuns teaching than praying. You step into the light of a wide-aisled nave. Sister Benedict and Father O'Malley, when we consider their characters as a sort of 'couple', differ in their attitudes about tee to treat pupils, ideas of how to run the school, differ in their tempers, too - that is the contrast of 'fight your way through' vs 'think your way through' at certain moments.

You reach St Mary along one of two narrow lanes.

Curious teen St Marys girl

The actor's performance is worth noting. Spirituality is never too tense nor unbearable for a contemporary viewer but subtly contributes to the plots. This graveyard is one of the most haunting in East Anglia, filled with the graves of Curoous teenage l sent out by HMS Ganges to die in accidents and wars.

Curious teen St Marys girl

Meanwhile, music positively aids the mood of the movie, including such classical pieces as a glorious hymn of praise to Virgin Mary "O Sanctissima," also known as "Mariners Hymn" ; a lovely song sung by Bing Crosby "In the Land of Beginning Again," which beautifully goes with a plot; the charming song derived from the title "The Bells of St Mary's," the famous carol "O Come All Ye Faithful" sung in Latin "Adeste Fideles" and the lovely Swedish folk song about the coming of the spring "Varvindar Friska" sung by Ingrid Bergman.

The stubby tower of the church hugs a later raised clerestory, quite out of keeping with each other.

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Apart from many reviews and viewpoints on this movie, the major point of praise is with its genuine depiction of life and the 'simplicity' of its complexities. White light pours through high windows.

Curious teen St Marys girl

In winter this is a wild place, the gales from the great German Ocean flattening the hedgerows, the windows of the Bristol Arms rattling in the gusts along the empty streets, the ghosts of HMS Ganges, the Royal Navy Training College, silent now above teem mudflats when the tide is out. You can stand all day at Shotley Point watching.

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Mr Bogardus Henry Traversperhaps, best embodies that idea. Yet, with unique 'chemistry' they wonderfully complement each other.

Curious teen St Marys girl

The change is something that he shows in No one had tedn the Jacobites to succeed, but the fury with which the rebellion was put down had been startling. Note the sweet dog he saves on the road which follows him. The three key concepts of generosity, benevolence and dust leave us amused and positively loaded while watching the nice old fellow with a Mzrys filled with quite concrete realizations of good deeds.

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The touch of these scenes is something you cannot describe but Curous must see. There is always something to see: the vast container ships bringing Chinese televisions and Vietnamese shoes, the ferries with their cargoes Curioys sleepy Dutch and German motorists, small Arthur Ransomesque yachts speeding out of the Orwell with its marinas, a wherry of London bankers sipping Pimms in the sunshine, wondering where their next bonus is coming from Although the Old Religion was still technically outlawed, they were no longer persecuted, and many had begun to retake their place in the national heirarchy.

The pleasantly cool whitewashed interior seems much larger than is possible from the outside. But that was all in the future. Today it has lost its way: it is still one of Suffolk's biggest villages, but its remoteness ill-serves the housing estates which sprawl back towards Erwarton and Chelmondiston. This was the most memorable song from this movie for me. Erwarton parish church is closer to Shotley village than Shotley church is.

Her most unforgettable moments, however, include the terrific scenes with Mr Bogardus.

Inthe year of the Jacobite Rising, the chancel here was rebuilt in the style of a Gorl City of London church, a striking counterpoint to the ancient Gothic space to the west. In fact, this was the original village. That power was now deeply invested in the Hanovers. Was this review helpful? Charles Stuart's attempted coup d'etat of was a romantic fancy, and had no real chance of succeeding, any more than his grandfather James II was ever likely to have held onto his throne more than half a century earlier.

Stepping back westwards, the nave suddenly lifts high above the space you have just left, and is crowned above the Curous by a gorgeous late 15th Century hammerbeam roof.