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But at home in Miami, he proudly shows me a plaque from supporters dedicated to "Bambi", one of the half dozen noms de guerre he used in five decades of fighting Fidel Castro's Cuba. Mr Posada is also quick to show me the scars he says that battle has left him.

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Fidel castro: dodging exploding seashells, poison pens and ex-lovers

He gave me the explosives, and the detonators and helped me build them. He was arrested in Forr in following the bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people.

I felt deflated. He spent four years in a Panamanian jail before being pardoned by then-President Mireya Moscoso. Mr Rodriguez was arrested at the airport.

Bbc lookin for Posada

But at home in Miami, he proudly shows me a plaque from supporters dedicated to "Bambi", one of the half dozen noms de guerre he used in five bBc of fighting Fidel Castro's Cuba. Mr Rodriguez says he was told to hand over the explosives to a man named Juan. He was so sure of me.

Bbc lookin for Posada

At almost the exact moment that President Kennedy - who had authorised the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to overthrow Castro in - was assassinated, a CIA operative was apparently handing a poison pen equipped with a very fine needle to a Cuban agent. We have shared all the facts with US officials, so that there can be justice. He wanted me to do it to disrupt the tourist system. One was to sprinkle thallium salt on Castro's shoes during an overseas trip in the hope that his famous beard would fall out.

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Asked by journalists on the plane whether he wore a bulletproof vest, he pulled open his shirt and exposed his chest. Mr Posada is also accused of masterminding a series of hotel bombings in Cuba inin which an Italian businessman was killed and a dozen other people were wounded. Fidel Castro: A hero and a tyrant All 73 people on board were killed when bombs exploded on the jet off the coast of Barbados - including the entire Cuban youth fencing team, which was returning from a regional competition.

However, he was jailed pending a civilian Posdaa but escaped from prison in and travelled to Central America, where he continued his mission to fight against left-wing influence in Latin America.

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Mr Posada is also quick to show me the scars he says that battle has left him. He tells me he had no role in the downing of the Cuban airliner. Another scuba-related idea was to create a diving suit infected with fungus that would cause a debilitating disease. Another one hit me in the chest and exited from my back," he said.

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In a statement, the US Department of Justice told the BBC it had aggressively pursued prosecution of Mr Posada over several years and that its prosecutors had presented the strongest case they believed they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt in court. He just grabbed me. Castro took myriad precautions to evade would-be assassins. He takes my loooin and presses it to the smashed right side of his face - the result of a assassination attempt in Guatemala. Today most Cuban Americans want to see a peaceful loo,in in Havana.

Bbc lookin for Posada

But when I ask Mr Posada about the evidence against him, his lawyer threatens to terminate the interview. Related Topics.

Bbc lookin for Posada

One of Castro's former lovers, Marita Lorenz, was also recruited. At the time of the bombing, Mr Posada Ppsada was living in Venezuela, where according to declassified US intelligence files he was working as an informant in Venezuela's intelligence service.

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I ask: "And how many times have you tried to kill Fidel Castro? Both plans were dropped.

Bbc lookin for Posada

He looks as though he is bursting to say more. In the following years he was accused of planning a string of bombings in Cuban hotels which killed an Italian tourist, and was arrested for taking part in a conspiracy to kill Fidel Castro during a summit in Panama Bcb Lookkin was jailed over a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro in Panama inbut was pardoned four years later. I ask him how many times he believes Mr Castro has tried to have him killed.

Bbc lookin for posada

But it was foiled when Castro cancelled the visit. Instead he was accused of lying to immigration officials about how he got into the US and about his alleged involvement in the hotel bombings in Cuba.

Bbc lookin for Posada

But Castro found out about the attempt and is said to have handed her his gun to use instead. He admitted planning the attacks in a taped interview with a New York Times journalist a year later, but then recanted that confession. We made love.

An international investigation pointed to Mr Posada Carriles as being the mastermind of the Cubana airlines bombing but a military court acquitted him. One plot using underworld figures twice progressed to the point of sending poison pills to Cuba and dispatching teams to "do the deed", it said.

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In Posara to multiple alleged plots to kill the former Cuban leader, Mr Posada is accused in Cuba and Venezuela of a series of alleged terrorism offences. But to the anger of the Cuban government, he was not prosecuted for terrorist offences. There were also plots to make Castro, also known as "The Beard", an object of ridicule rather than kill him.

Decades earlier inthe US Senate Church Commission revealed details of at least eight plots on Castro's life, using devices which, the commission report said, "strain the imagination". Inhe entered the US illegally and applied for political asylum.